What can the plus12base do

Dieser rote Fuss, die plus12 base, wurde für den Schuhhandel entwickelt: Das plus12 lässt sich in die plus12 base einklicken und damit hat man ein Schuhmessgerät für den Profi.

The perfect partner for the plus12
  • measures the length of children's feet and automatically adds 12 mm extra space for a proper fit
  • Measures the precise inner length of the shoe (up to size 45)
  • Shows if the labelled shoe size is correct
  • Clicks together easily with the plus12

Did you know that over half of all children tested wear shoes that are much too short for their feet?
Poorly-fitting shoes cause damage to kids' feet! To fit correctly, the inside length of a shoe should be at least 12 mm longer than the foot.